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Many athletes enjoy fast-pitch softball…and others live and breathe the sport. For the elite it's more than a game, it's where passion and hard work meet to create success. It's about building confidence, winning (not whining) and getting dirty. If you go to bed and dream of taking your skills to the next level, Elite Softball Training is for you!

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It took one session for me to be convinced that my daughter would become a better player and person with Sondi at the helm of her pitching instruction. I am continually impressed at how she is able to pinpoint and correct reasons why certain undesired results are occurring. Sondi has established a great repoir with Alexa and is able to get her to understand how to properly use her body movements to produce better results in her game.– Eric Griego
Santa Fe, New Mexico



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Pitching is a unique skill that can take years to perfect. We specialize in pitching. Passion, dedication and hard work are a must to achieve your potential at this position.
The catcher is one of the most relied upon positions in softball yet more often than not proper mechanics of this position are ignored. Elite Softball Training catchers will be trained to block unexpected pitches as well as framing pitches to maximize the strike zone.

Batters only have half a second or less to react to the ball, making proper hitting technique essential to a solid hitting foundation.

The art of fielding requires fast footwork and agility, quick glove reaction, and an understanding of angles to cut off the ball on the ground or in the air.