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Elite Softball Training is the first girls softball only facility in New Mexico. The goal was to create an environment that catered to the unique goals and challenges that girls face when playing fast pitch softball at a competitive level. While Elite Softball Training specializes in pitching, we offer hitting, catching and fielding training to create well rounded players that are able to raise the level of their game to compete at the next level. One on one training allows us to break down movements within each discipline and train girls to effectively learn the proper mechanics of the game.

Sondi Munoz

Sondi Muñoz

Early in life I discovered my love for the game of softball. My journey began at age 10 which was late compared to my peers. As I began playing, I was in awe at how fast I was able to get the ball to move. I quickly realized I had a God given talent in my arm. At this early age, speed and consistency rarely go hand in hand. It wasn’t until I combined my talent with a specific technique that I was able to realize the true art of pitching.

I come from a family of baseball and softball players. I am born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and graduated from Eldorado High School. I received scholarships to Trinidad State Junior College and West Texas A & M and pitched at the collegiate level for 3 years before sustaining a career ending injury. I received my bachelors degree in exercise science and have developed a proprietary technique of pitching mechanics to support balanced kinetic arm movements. For the past 10 years, I have been privately coaching girls to effectively pitch, hit, catch and field as well as helping them sharpen their thinking skills while competing on the field.