The most important part of our job is to create lasting mechanics. Softball skills are single movements performed in a series. When this series of movements is continually performed they become muscle memory. We teach movements that help the body to perform repetitive actions which in turn minimize injury. When we see an athlete for the first time we evaluate their current state which allows us the opportunity to demonstrate a “now” vs. what they will eventually be able to achieve. Elite Softball Training will reprogram bad habits and replace them with proper technique to maximize your players potential.


Pitching is a unique skill that can take years to perfect. Expect to put in endless hours of practice. Failure is expected but a heart of persistence will allow you to master this position. Pitching is a series of specific movements performed in a specific order with precise timing. Once these movements and timing are mastered, pitching merely becomes target practice. We would like to emphasize that we specialize in pitching. Passion, dedication and hard work are a must to achieve your potential at this position.


The truth is, "behind every great pitcher is a great catcher". The catcher is one of the most relied upon positions in softball yet more often than not proper mechanics of this position are ignored. Elite Softball Training catchers will be trained to block unexpected pitches as well as framing pitches to maximize the strike zone. Proper technique for throwing, footwork, and agility also play a major roll in preventing stolen bases. As athletes progress in their careers we expand their knowledge of the game by creating and working on game situations which results in quicker instincts.


Batters only have half a second or less to react to the ball. This is one reason proper hitting technique is essential to a solid hitting foundation. The earlier an athlete learns to perfect her swing the sooner she will become a consistent hitter. Pitchers learn early to throw fast and to create different paths of moment for the ball in the attempt to frustrate the batter. To promote success we work on a mechanically sound swing as well as repetitive live pitching. Pitch recognition is also essential to success. To hit a fastball, change up, screwball, curveball, riser or drop ball, the batter needs to first recognize the different patters of spin to secure contact. Having the confidence of knowing what they see ensures my athletes to become phenomenal hitters.


All great fielders have three things in common; footwork/agility, a good understanding of angles to cut off the ball on the ground or in the air and quick glove reaction. We teach proper catching and throwing techniques through drills and repetition which help the athlete to excel in the infield or outfield.

My daughter has been going to Sondi for about a year and has seen an impressive change in her pitching ability using Sondi’s one-of-kind coaching methodology. Sondi makes her lessons fun and knows how to challenge my daughter not only during the lesson, but throughout the rest of the week. We consider Sondi our coach and friend!– Jeanne Woodfin
Elite Softball Parent