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Bro! Stop Turning Your Toe!


 Does your daughter struggle with:


  • Low velocity? (even though she pushes as hard as she can) 

  • Foot collapsing in drag? (anchor drag) or bottom of shoe drag 

  • Shoulder pain?

  • Leaning before and after landing? 

  • Arch pain? Or flat arches?

  • Groin pain? (pain inside the drag leg) 

 THIS SERIES will answer WHY ALL 6 PROBLEMS above happen and  HOW TO FIX IT!


Learn how to get your daughter in optimal positions for power, reduce pain and create a more confident pitcher. 


My fear is that pitchers of all ages like your daughter won’t hit their max potential in speed, prevent injury or never learn to leverage their leg drive. 


That is why this series is for you! 


After completing the course your daughter will be in the most explosive positions for driving forward off pitching rubber for max speed. She will also understand how to prevent herself from getting into weak positions that ultimately cause injury, And! She will have the confidence and the knowledge to make necessary adjustments because she will be equipped with the secret playbook on how to pitch strong and last longer in games!



6 powerful lessons for lasting change! 


Join me inside my new series “BRO! STOP TURNING YOUR TOE” FOR $199 

Everything will be housed inside an online learning portal with videos and step by step drills for success. 


ALSO! You get 1 personal evaluation which includes; 

30min zoom call with me! We will go over which of the 6 modules apply to her the most, and connecting the dots for what to focus on and how to fix it! 



🥎 I’M READY TO JOIN! (Link Coming Soon)



🤔  Not sure if your daughter is right fit for this course? Lets chat!  

BOOK 15min consult! (Button)


Deadline to enroll is MAY 5th or until spots are full!

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