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Talent is a small part of the equation. Attitude and drive play a larger role in the success of the player and as a person. Elite Softball Training is interested in working with girls who have positive attitudes, who are willing to learn and have the discipline to practice. What you achieve as a player is a direct result of how hard you work and how well you learn. With my EXPERTISE and your DRIVE there are no limits. 

Alyssia Lucero Signs with Danville Community College


"I have had the honor of coaching Alyssia Lucero for the past 8 years since she was 10 years old. She has always been extremely athletic. Alyssia has great movement to her 6 pitches and can place the ball anywhere I ask. Alyssia has received a scholarship to Danville Community College in Illinois where she will continue her softball journey as a utility player. Good luck Alyssia I'm extremely proud of you." Sondi Muñoz

Lady Horseman Invitational:  St. Michaels Beats Moriarty 3-1 For Title


Gaby Lopez Signs with Mesa Community College


Gaby Lopez attends Albuquerque high school where she plays softball for her school team and also competes competitively with her club ball team ABQ Poison. She's 5'10 with a fierce arm circle and loyal leadership. When she's off the field she is concentrating on her studies to continue making the honor roll. Gaby is not only a leader on the field but is also a youth Rec leader for the local community center. Congratulations Gaby from Elite Softball Training on your commitment to Mesa Community College Softball!

ABQ Sports New Mexico Headliners


Jenessa Gabaldon (far right), has trained with Elite Softball since 2012 as a former pitcher for Thunderbird Little League. Competitors cringe in fear when they know they have to face her. She will outwork and out hustle anyone for her starting position and is driven by her constant seek for perfection. Jenessa trains year round now at the age of 17 on NM Elite’s nationally ranked team to compete for a college scholarship. 

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